New York Times Best Selling Authors & America’s #1 Wine Brand Founders


Authors of The Barefoot Spirit
and Creators of Barefoot Wine

“OUTSTANDING speech! Better yet, PERFECT. What an incredible way to end this conference.”

Robert Reiss

Host & CEO Presented By the Conference Board, The CEO Show

“Michael and Bonnie’s speech gives a whole new meaning to going Barefoot!!— it now means Entrepreneurial Success at its finest! They rock!”

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Chairman, C-Suite Network

Want to Get Stuff Done? Pick Up the Phone!

Want to Get Stuff Done? Pick Up the Phone!

Personal business experience has proven to us that face-to-face meetings are the most productive for breaking the ice with a new prospect. The human face has at least 43 muscles that act in consort to produce over 20 expressions. If you see a negative one while you...

Sales Should Be Taught In School

Sales Should Be Taught In School

In the past few years we’ve spoken at over 40 schools that teach entrepreneurship. Only one of them teaches Sales - not sales forecasting, not sales management, and not sales analysis, but real, “get out of my office,” to “I’ll take two truckloads,” Sales! As a...