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Liberty Tax Keynote PowerPoint

Liberty Tax Workshop PowerPoint

Liberty Tax Workbook

Liberty Tax Supplemental Reading 

Photos of Michael & Bonnie

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Michael & Bonnie at Bloomberg 

 Michael & Bonnie Bio 

Michael & Bonnie Combined Bio

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Speaking Events 

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“The Barefoot Spirit” Book Endorsements 

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The Barefoot Spirit book images

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Front & Back Cover Image 

The Entrepreneurial Culture book images

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The Barefoot Spirit Book Trailer

The Barefoot Spirit Book Trailer

New York Times Bestseller 

New York Times Bestseller Paperback Business Book

New York Times Bestseller Advice, How-To, and Miscellaneous 

USA Today Bestseller 

USA Today Bestseller 

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The Barefoot Wine Founders Share the Secrets of Success 

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Jeff Hayzlett Book Club

C-E-O (Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization)

CNY Central News 

Business Rockstars

Speaking Videos

Barefoot Wine Founders’ Speaking Reel

Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans with Disaiblities (EBV)

World Conference on Entrepreneurship (ICSB) Dublin, Ireland

CSU Long Beach Alumni Speech 

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Entrepreneurial Success – 5 Keys in 5 minutes

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