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Jeffrey Hayzlett testimonial

C-Suite Network "Michael and Bonnie’s speech gives a whole new meaning to going Barefoot!!— it now means Entrepreneurial Success at its finest! They rock!" --Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman, C-Suite Network

Martha Ann Woods testimonial

“Thank you for your fresh prospective on how to succeed in business! Loved it!” –Martha Ann Woods, OEA attendee

Marjorie Bynum testimonial

"Great keynote! It was wonderful working with them" --Marjorie Bynum, CAE Vice President, Education & Communications

Thomas White testimonial

C-Suite Network “Voted #1 Best Speakers at the C-Suite Conference!” – Thomas White, CEO C-Suite Network, Radio Host - Nationally Syndicated “Business Matters”

Robert Reiss testimonial

The CEO Show “OUTSTANDING speech! Better yet, PERFECT. What an incredible way to end this conference.” -Robert Reiss, Host & CEO, The CEO Show

Greg S. Reid testimonial

"A Standing ovation is how Michael and Bonnie left our audience chanting for more." --Greg S. Reid, Founder Secret Knock

Thomas Kruczek testimonial

"Your work at the EBV National Conference was outstanding." -Thomas Kruczek, Dean of College and Business, Lynn University

David Torrance testimonial

"We enjoyed listening to the lessons that they learned. The worthy cause marketing concept was worth the evening by itself." –David Torrance, President, Executive Forums Dallas, Member, Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce

Patrick Snyder testimonial

“Our entire group benefitted from their wisdom. The fact they were so entertaining was simply icing on the cake. We are having them back!” -- Patrick Snyder, Executive Director, USASBE

Mike Black testimonial

PIE “We're going to implement the concepts shared in all our marketing pieces and how we approach sales going forward.” Mike Black, CEO,, and attendee at PIE

Jeany Park testimonial

“I'm still thinking about your talk and your amazing story! I find you both incredibly inspiring.” Jeany Park, Videographer, MBA attendee

Rob Schultz testimonial

“Inspiring talk… and will further enjoy figuring out how to apply your insights to my own journey!” –Rob Schultz, Senior Technology Executive, Persistent

Martha O’Gorman testimonial

“Ingenious marketing tricks at a low cost price tag will make you see how to create a story and buzz around your brand. Fabulous and real, Michael and Bonnie inspire others to win and have fun doing it!” –Martha O’Gorman, Chief Marketing Officer, Liberty Tax...
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Travis Prince testimonial

"Many people agreed that their presentation was the most intriguing and valuable to the entrepreneurs in the audience!" --Travis Prince, C-Suite Conference Attendee

Gavin Duffy testimonial

"An excellent and inspiring presentation!” -- Gavin Duffy, Entrepreneur, Dragon's Den television show panelist

Josh Schieffer testimonial

"Being a Veteran with a service disability, you guys have inspired our small family business to give back in a big way." –Josh Schieffer, EBV Member

Thuy Thi Nguyen testimonial

Community College League of California "Thank you so much to the Barefoot Spirit team!  I sure enjoyed the talk." --Thuy Thi Nguyen, Interim President and CEO, Community College League of California

Nancy Munro testimonial

"The reaction from our members was nothing less than superb!" --Nancy Munro, Chapter President, Chicago MIT Enterprise Forum; CEO & Founder, Knowledge Shift

Adam Hartung testimonial

"Michael and Bonnie's story tells the audience the all-too-brutal truth about what one really has to do to succeed." Adam Hartung, Contributing Author, Forbes

Jason Hull testimonial

"I love Michael and Bonnie's outlook and approach. Refreshing, authentic, and useful." –Jason Hull, Chief Executive Officer, Balanced Edge

Michael Zacchea testimonial

"Michael & Bonnie are effective speakers. The Veteran Entrepreneurs appreciated their talk on '7 ways to Reduce Your Need for Capital and Get More Bang for Your Buck'." --Michael Zacchea, Program Manager, Entrepreneur Bootcamp for Veterans
When Can I Quit My Day Job?

When Can I Quit My Day Job?

Whether you are thinking about starting your business, you have already taken the plunge but are still pre-revenue, or your new business, struggling to make ends meet, one of the most important questions you need an answer to is, “When can I quit my job?” You know...

Why Are You Going into Business?

Why Are You Going into Business?

The first question we ask prospective clients is, “Why are you going into business?” This seems like an obvious first question, but most folks considering taking the big leap don’t really give it the attention it deserves. The answer can determine your strategy,...

Prepare for the Unexpected!

Prepare for the Unexpected!

“How do you handle the unknown?” This is the #1 question we hear from students. They come from over 50 schools of entrepreneurship in the US and elsewhere who have heard us speak about what it is like to start a business and become a successful entrepreneur. Many of...

Do Your Suppliers Like You? – Entrepreneur

Do Your Suppliers Like You? – Entrepreneur

First published on on 07/29/2017 We were broke. We were looking for every way possible to save money even though we didn’t have any. We had no choice but to be resourceful when we started Barefoot Wines. It wasn't long before we realized that the best...

​How to Count Down to Success

​How to Count Down to Success

We are delighted annually to be part of the U.S. Immersion Program of Nanyang University in Singapore. The program calls for students to visit businesses in Silicon Valley and the East Coast, with a trip to the Sonoma County wine country as well. This year we hosted...

Pyramids Are for Dead Pharaohs – Entrepreneur

Pyramids Are for Dead Pharaohs – Entrepreneur

First published on on 7/22/2017 Like most startups, we started out undercapitalized. The only “office” we could afford was our laundry room. We had extra space there because we couldn’t afford a washer and a dryer. Our first desk was an old door we...

What Does Your Dashboard Look Like? … and Why?

What Does Your Dashboard Look Like? … and Why?

It’s not about the data. It’s about what questions you have that can be answered by the data. Startups especially must ask the right questions, and ask them often, just to survive. We have seen many businesses fail because they didn’t know what questions to ask, or...