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20 Guiding Principles of The Barefoot Spirit

Case Study – Building Barefoot Wine

BRAND Image Module 1

[i4w_onlyfor tagid=379]Module 1 – Starters for Startups[ELSE_onlyfor]Module 1 – Starters for Startups (coming soon)[/i4w_onlyfor]

Find out how to reach your goals while building brand equity. Learn what questions to ask an investment broker, and how to organize your business for acquisition or investors. Learn how to improve every business relationship and expand your brand successfully.

Resources Module 2

[i4w_onlyfor tagid=381]Module 2 – Be Resourceful[ELSE_onlyfor]Module 2 – Be Resourceful (coming week 2)[/i4w_onlyfor]

Discover the keys to turning your suppliers and vendors into “investors”, find your hidden assets, and build a bestselling brand while greatly reducing advertising costs. Form strategic allies by understanding and using our free info-graphic.


[i4w_onlyfor tagid=383]Module 3 – Engaging and Empowering Your People[ELSE_onlyfor]Module 3 – Engaging and Empowering Your People (coming week 3)[/i4w_onlyfor]

Learn how to reduce turnover, find good people and build great people; spot, hire and train people with entrepreneurial DNA; drive results with the ‘two-division’ company; and discover how to integrate fun (and productivity) at work! Plus bonus orientation info-graphics.


[i4w_onlyfor tagid=385]Module 4 – Sales is King[ELSE_onlyfor]Module 4 – Sales is King (coming week 4)[/i4w_onlyfor]

Find solutions that solve everyone’s problems by understanding ‘The Seven Sales’ in product distribution and how to serve each level for longevity, success and customer loyalty. Learn successful ways to develop and market your brand. Plus bonus info-graphics, summary and inspiration on your road to success.