Entrepreneur startups and cost of salesRemember in Back to the Future where Doc rummages through Marty’s garbage for “fuel”?  He dumps it in to a home energy reactor called “Mr. Fusion” mounted to the back of the famous time-traveling DeLorean. Sounds like what we need now, given the fact that we are drowning in garbage and hungry for electricity!

Certainly, the concept of turning biowaste into energy has been around for a while. But what about the biggest culprit, plastic? What if you could put bio and petrochemical waste in one end and get electricity out of the other?

We like to say, “If you really want to change the world, put a buck on it!” In other words, make it profitable to improve the world. Synova Power offers a practical, working solution to the world’s garbage crisis. Their power plants remove the inert glass, metal and rock from the garbage, and then uses the remaining bio and plastic waste to produce gas which powers turbines to produce electricity. This has been tried before but it was unsuccessful due to the asphalt-like tar residue build-up which is inherent in waste or tar gasification. It quickly gummed up the turbines and made them inoperable.

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