We believe storytelling is the best way to convey business principles, especially through theatre. Watching characters with different goals and behaviors creates memorable lessons and is more enjoyable than lectures.

Each year, students from Nanyang Technological University perform a business play we wrote, showcasing two different approaches and outcomes. We’d love your feedback on this new educational method.

The play contrasts two skateboard companies, Cheapskate and Above Board, as they handle relationships with employees, vendors, and customers. Each act has two scenes showing the differing approaches and outcomes, followed by a Q&A session.

Cheapskate operates with a limited wealth perspective (short-term, selfishness, competition), while Above Board has an unlimited wealth perspective (long-term, trust, cooperation).

Act 1: Employees – Cheapskate: Dismisses an employee’s request for time off and ideas, leading them to quit.

Above Board: Values a new applicant’s experience and ideas, accommodates their time-off request, and hires them enthusiastically.

Act 2: Vendors – Cheapskate: Treats a vendor poorly, makes minimal orders, and faces stricter credit terms.

Above Board: Welcomes the vendor warmly, engages meaningfully, and receives better credit terms and discounts.

Act 3: Customers – Cheapskate: Dismisses complaints, fails to provide support, and loses business.

Above Board: Appreciates the buyer, supports community events, resolves issues proactively, and strengthens the partnership.

When managing business relationships—with employees, vendors, and buyers—will you be a “Cheapskate” or an “Above Board”?

Read the full play here: https://www.consumerbrandbuilders.com/business-lessons-are-easier-to-recall-when-you-experience-a-play/

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