A few years back, the term “bubble” referred to company stock being overvalued. The implication was that if the bubble expanded too much, it would burst and investors would lose their money.

In these Corona Virus days, the term “bubble” refers to a group of individuals who shelter in place. The idea being that if you stay in your bubble, you will be safer than if you mix with strangers. Most bubbles are couples or small family units. Of course, the bigger the bubble, the more likely it will burst and the people in the bubble will jeopardize their health.

Merging Bubbles

Lately we have been witnessing a dangerous merging of bubbles where one bubble assumes that another bubble is safe and they interact. If only one person in one of the bubbles has been exposed to one outsider with the virus, both bubbles are exposed to the virus!

Familiar Exceptions

But why take the chance then, you may ask? It’s simple. The other bubbly is typically close friends or another family. You know these people. The idea is that people you know won’t give it to you, especially if they have been playing it safe like you. So you make an exception. You let them into your bubble.

Amplified Danger   

Now let’s amplify the danger by increasing the number of cases. That increases the number of people carrying the virus significantly. That increases the amount of airborne virus significantly. That increases the chance of inhaling a sufficient dose to cause infection. That means the total environment is more dangerous.

The Virus Doesn’t Care

“But we’ve known them for a long time!” The virus doesn’t care! “But they are my own family from out of town!” The virus doesn’t care! “They love me and wouldn’t do anything to make me sick!” The virus doesn’t care!  The virus just wants to survive and multiply after making a beach head in your respiratory system.

Taking a Chance

We have friends who we zoom with who have told us about the bubbles at the restaurants and outside dining. They have wanted to meet there thinking it was safe. Perhaps if one bubble group went to one bubble table and was socially separated in outside dining, there would be less chance of exposure.

More Amplification

But what if two bubble groups met at the same table at a restaurant? Now, add alcohol beverages and folks become more animated and louder, expelling more droplets. Sure, they could sit 6 feet apart, but they are together for the entire meal and their droplets can hang in the air for long periods of time. Plus most bubbles don’t sit six feet apart! This increases the potential of exposure.

Getting to the Finish Line

Now that the vaccine is a reality and the end is in sight, shouldn’t we bite the bullet just a little bit longer? What we’ve seen is the more people get sick, the more people get sick! It tends to explode! With the cold weather, we are spending more time indoors, a perfect place for the virus to spread. Who do you let in your door? Are your windows open, fans and filters running, masks on, and disinfectants used when they exit? How long do they stay? If they have the virus, more than 15 minutes is considered very dangerous. Don’t take chances now!

Save Small Businesses

We are business writers and support small businesses. Small businesses support all of us with jobs, goods, and services, all delivered with personalized attention. The virus is now out of control! If you really want to get small businesses up and running again, we have to first get the virus under control! Wear your mask, stay in your bubble, don’t mix bubbles, meet outsiders six feet away and for under 15 minutes, and buy as much as you can from locally owned businesses and online.

Virtual Hugs

Sure we all need a hug. But don’t let close friends and outside family burst your bubble!




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