5 Tips to Sell More in 2019


Want to sell more this year? Of course you do! Without sales, you don’t need production or even marketing. In fact, your whole company is supported by sales. We like to say, “Regardless of what their organization chart says, all companies only have only two divisions, Sales and Sale Support!” in other words, if you’re […]

slide deck

The 5-Slide Deck and the 50 Word Blurb


Drawing Investors’ Attention Possibly the biggest challenge that entrepreneurs face is not raising capital. It’s getting the people with the capital to sit still for a presentation! Most of them see hundreds of presentations, have very short attention spans, and may turn down a perfectly good business proposition simply because they can’t stay interested long […]

Entrepreneur – Chewing Their Way to the Top

We’ve often said, “If you really want to change things, put a buck on it.” That philosophy has been recently documented by Nielsen, the leader in CPG market data. The biggest mega trend we see for 2019 is being driven by consumers who want to “vote with their purchases.” They are increasingly demanding transparency from CPG […]

The Soft Skills That Boost Entrepreneurial Success

Silicon Valley has become Main Street Disneyland for international technopreneurship worldwide. The top international universities that teach entrepreneurship in its various forms all pay homage to Silicon Valley. They want to immerse their students in this wondrous place of Stanford University, Facebook, Google and other techie attractions, if only for a week or two. Most […]

Happy New Year

5 Ways to Make the New Year HAPPY !


For the next few weeks, you’ll hear a lot of folks wishing you a Happy New Year! And you, like us, will no doubt wish them the same. Everyone wants something better for themselves and others, and hopes that a fresh start is possible in the coming year. So, this is the time of year […]

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to One and All!


Before we get all excited about the year ahead, we thought we’d take this opportunity to share some of our highlights of the past year. We’ve been blessed with many new opportunities, new friends, and positive developments! Sustainability is Spreading As you may know, we are environmentalists. However, our background is building a successful consumer […]

Zoie Reams Proves You Can Succeed with Hard Work, Dedication and Determination


When we were building the Barefoot Wine Brand, there were too many long days and sleepless nights. We often went without breaks, even on the weekends which was the best time to visit the stores, do tastings, and work nonprofit fundraisers. We were exhausted! At the end of one of those especially trying years, we […]