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With a Little Help from Our Friends at USF


We had the honor of presenting to the MBAs at the University of San Francisco. Professor Thomas Maier gives a unique class on business modeling, research, and development where students form into teams and become their own virtual “consulting” firms. But that’s where the virtual meets the real world. Each team takes on a challenge […]

Is Your CPG Company on the Right Side of History?

Because we successfully built a popular consumer packaged goods brand, now known the world over, we are often asked about packaging. Our audiences want to know, “What’s the latest in packaging?” and, “What are the new trends?” After all, the “P” in CPG is “package.” In the 1967 movie, “The Graduate,” a young man, recently […]

Immigrants Built our Economy

Immigrants Built Our Economy


Michael’s grandfather, John Francis Houlihan, came over from Ireland in the late 1800s. He was 19 years old. The only passage he could book was above deck on an ocean steamer headed for New York loaded with cattle in the hold. All the immigrants had to make the crossing above deck, exposed to the inclement […]

single use plastic pollution

Stop Single-Use Plastic Pollution by Leveling the Playing Field


The European Union finally voted this week on a proposition that’s been on the table since May 2018. It’s a proposition to ban single-use plastics. How this finally happened at this highest level of European government is a testament, in our opinion, to the more intelligent use of social media. Enlightening documentaries like David Attenborough’s […]

3 Overused Tactics of Poor Customer Service

3 Overused Tactics of Poor Customer Service


We hope it’s an individual and not a company-wide problem. It could be poor hiring or poor training that results in certain counterproductive tactics that account executives and customer service representatives in big companies increasingly use. It seems to occur when companies oversell goods and services and then are unable to adequately service their accounts. The […]