Calling all 2024 grads! 🎓

College teaches more than just academic knowledge. It equips you with essential entrepreneurial skills crucial for business success, developed through the experience of navigating college life rather than coursework. First, you learn prioritization (strategic planning), which involves prioritizing tasks and managing time effectively to survive academically. This skill translates to business, where focusing on top […]

5 Barefoot Problem Solving Principles 💡

When building the Barefoot Wine brand, we encountered numerous unexpected challenges in compliance, distribution, and personnel management. Over time, we developed principles to improve our problem-solving approach, transforming our anxiety into a constructive process. Here are the principles: 1. Take Inventory: Assess all available resources, including property, money, people, customers, suppliers, and personal knowledge. Leverage […]

From Wine to Hollywood… 🎬

After selling Barefoot Wine, we helped our acquirer maintain the “Barefoot Spirit,” which led to Barefoot becoming the world’s largest wine brand. This experience taught us valuable lessons about large companies. We advised start-ups and build-ups, receiving numerous requests to write a book about our business approach. Our initial attempt was a conventional, prescriptive business […]

In business, sales often hinge on more than just product features.

Customers crave compelling narratives they can identify with and root for, turning brands into heroes. For example, Barefoot Cellars capitalized on its David vs. Goliath battle against a French wine giant, winning customers’ hearts and wallets with their underdog story. Stories not only build brand credibility but also attract supporters who resonate with a brand’s […]

Thank you, Mississippi State University!

“We were truly honored to have hosted the founders of Barefoot Wine, Michael Houlihan and Bonnie M. Harvey, at our Startup Summit Grand Finale. Their inspiring stories about how entrepreneurship has transformed their lives in the industry left a lasting impact on everyone. Seeing their insights and experiences was incredibly valuable, and we are looking […]