3 Lessons to Vitalize Your Business!


We recently had the honor of the opening keynote for the Alaska Small Business Development Center’s first annual Vitalize Alaska Conference. The conference was the brain child of Jon Bittner their new Executive Director. He wanted to encourage and inspire innovation and business development in the new frontier. Over 300 small and medium sized business […]

Trade Wars Hurt Business! Period.


We used to think it was only common sense that the consumer would always bear the brunt of higher prices cause by any trade wars. But we guess we were wrong. We guess we have to learn that one all over again. In these days of high tech memory devises, why can’t we seem to […]

Whatever Business You Think You’re in, Your Employees Should Be Oriented on Your Customers

We recently had the pleasure of spending the day with 65 MBA students from Nanyang University in Singapore. Twenty-five percent of the class were part-time students who were already running their own businesses. They asked most of the questions because they obviously had the most immediate concerns. One question that was particularly telling was, “How […]

Why You Need to be Thinking About Exiting Your Business (Even If You’re Never Going to Sell)


We often hear business owners say, “I don’t need to think about an exit strategy because I’m not going to sell my business anyway.” But they do! And here’s why: Your potential acquirer’s due diligence is the perfect way to organize your files. Period. What kind of documents would you want to see if you were buying […]

GoTime Business & Tech Summit

We’re inviting you to a FREE online event called the GoTime Business and Tech Summit where you can watch 32+ short interviews (around your schedule) of some of the world’s top high growth entrepreneurs and experts. Kim interviewed both of us at the same time & also individual interviews with each of us. Michael’s interview […]

Entrepreneur – Networking Rule #1: ‘Take Off the Bib and Put on the Apron!’

As we celebrate another graduating class, we thought we’d give them some good advice to help them turn their dreams of business success into reality. We recently caught up with Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI (Business Network International), the world’s largest business network. Ivan was good enough to agree to an interview where we could […]

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