Six Good Reasons to be Thankful


We are one of the few countries in the word that sets aside one day a year to stop, take stock, acknowledge and celebrate the blessings for which we are thankful. No matter what your religion or philosophical belief, it is widely recognized that acknowledging what you are thankful for focuses your attention on preserving […]

Mercenaries to Missionaries


Specialization and divisions of labor have long been touted for their efficiency. But does their very existence promote isolation, competition, and a lack of cooperation? Any successful company culture is based on a team approach to satisfy the customer, keep the products and services relevant, and the commitment to a set of goals, principles, and […]

Like Ghost Writing, Business Audio Theatre is By the Word


Business Audio Theatre is a new way to preserve legacy, build brands, and create engagement. It is an audiobook of the founders stories presented through seminal scenes that depict their history, pivotal moments, and guiding principles. The storytelling dialogue is not just narrated, it’s performed by a full cast of professional actors, and includes sound […]

Renewable Energy For A Non-Renewable Planet


When Jay Inslee, the Governor of Washington, ran for president, he ran on one issue which he said was “The only issue” in the 2020 election. That issue was the environment. Given the fires, smoke, hurricanes, floods, windstorms and droughts we are now witnessing at increasing intensity and alarming frequency, looks like he was right. […]

5 Good Reasons to Preserve Your Legacy


Congratulations! You’ve successfully built your business through the 4 stages of growth, each with its own challenges and opportunities. You have survived the iffy startup phase where you faced bankruptcy on a daily basis. You then attracted a few key customers to keep the lights on and achieve cash flow in the build-up stage. You […]