Americans are Getting a Crash Course in Distribution Management

As consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) brand building advisors with real-world experience on how to build a successful brand, we are taking a special interest in the formidable challenges governments and private companies face in trying to manage the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine. There are important lessons to be learned here. Popularly held misconception We tell our […]

Last Post for The Barefoot Spirit


We have been writing weekly posts for The Barefoot Spirit since 2011, ten years. And in that decade we have been sharing our hard-learned business lessons in hopes of saving you the pain we went through. 500 Articles In the process, we have written over 500 articles that will continue to reside on our website. […]

The Value of Experience


One of the main reasons we were successful building the Barefoot Wine brand is that we were smart enough to know that we were not smart enough in many areas. In those areas, we would hire an expert. Those areas included finance, taxes, compliance, the industry itself, chain store sales, winemaking, wine marketing, bottling, and […]

Violence is Bad for Business. Private Corporations React to Inciting the Mob


Business requires a stable playing field to prosper. They can’t risk having their customers questioning their ethics or their commitment to the democratic process. But that’s exactly what just happened with several large corporations and several large social media platforms. The events of January 6th put these Big Boys on the spot. Were they inadvertently […]

World-Class Performer Interview – Michael Houlihan

Read a recent interview on World Class Performer with Michael Houlihan below: Michael Houlihan is a leading business strategist, keynote speaker, consultant, and corporate trainer. He was the founder, president, and CEO of Barefoot Wines and is co-founder of Business Audio Theatre. Houlihan is also a C-Suite Network member and trusted advisor and the author […]

How We Went from Wine to Business Audio Theatre


They say California has three world-class exports: Hollywood, Technology and Wine. This is the story of how we wound up combining all three! After we sold Barefoot Wine our acquirer asked us to help them keep, as they put it, “the Barefoot Spirit” alive at their giant company. We worked for them for a year […]