Now that the vaccines have been miraculously created in less than a year from the introduction of the virus, the question is: “Will they take it?” What happens if half the people refuse to take the vaccine? Will there ever be the “herd” immunity where the virus dies out because it can’t get a grip?


The entertainment and travel businesses are hurt the most by a pandemic. Restaurants, bars, airlines, cruise lines, busses, trains, cinemas, live theaters, concerts, and sports events are the ones folks miss the most during the lockdowns. Those are the businesses we can’t wait to get back to. These are the fun businesses that provide more than service. They provide fun and entertainment! And that has been sorely lacking for way too long.

Market Forces

We submit that these worries will be satisfied, not by the governments’ orders, but by the businesses them selves! Businesses have to protect themselves to keep their staff and their customers. They know all too well the effects of a lockdown. They also have to protect their reputations. Businesses can’t afford to be seen as super spreaders or virus hubs. That would discourage customers! They also have to mitigate their risks from being sued for not taking adequate preventative steps.

Left Out!

But now what happens when the vaccine is widespread enough that only the folks who refuse to take it remain unvaccinated? They could be left out, literally! They could be refused access unless they show their vaccination card to board a plane, ship, or train, or to enter a restaurant, theater, bar, stadium, auditorium, or an opera house.

A New Consideration

So now the folks who are vaccine skeptical will have a new consideration: To be or not to be a part of a re-socialized society. This may be a much stronger argument to get the vaccines than preference, skepticism, or even a mandated order.

Do you want to fly to Hawaii …or New York? Do you want to eat in a fine restaurant? Do you want to go to the game? How about the movies? You are going to need your vaccination card! Businesses have every right to protect themselves, their liability, their staff, their customers and clients, and their reputation. Like the sign says:


Let’s Do It!

We hope each and every one of you gets your vaccine so we can eliminate this scourge from our lives. We all want to get back to business swiftly and safely! Once that is done, then we can all go out to dinner and a movie to celebrate!

Who We Are

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