Sometimes all we can see is what’s missing, what needs fixing, and what’s wrong. Although we should strive for improvement in whatever we do, we need to take time out and really take inventory of the good things in our lives.

Yes, imperfections may stick out like the proverbial sore thumb, but we still have nine good fingers. It seems like the more we notice something, good or bad, the more we give energy to it and the more it reoccurs. Just the process of giving thanks forces us to think positively about situations, occurrences and achievements that have a powerful impact on our business and lives.

When we take the time to acknowledge what is going right, we tune in with our eyes and ears for more of the same. We tend to miss opportunities if we’re bent on complaining or looking for what’s wrong.

This week as we celebrate Thanksgiving here in America, we chose to share some things for which we all should be thankful:

Health. Most of us are reasonably healthy, and our life expectancy has increased significantly, just in the past few decades. This means we have the opportunity to be with loved ones and share what we’ve learned over a longer period of time. We can employ new discoveries about diet and exercise that will improve our health and fitness over an extended life span.

Wealth. Most of us are living well above the poverty level, and we are certainly better off than most of the world’s population. We have inherited an incredible infrastructure from our parents. It enables us to communicate, access knowledge, travel, drink clean water, and reduce disease. Efficient commerce enables us to enjoy a higher standard of living.

Cooperation. The people we work with and depend upon give us the opportunity to make a living. Our income is dependent on customers, colleagues, vendors, employers, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. They all play a part in our wellbeing, and provide opportunities for us to sell our products, services and labor.

Friends and Family. The people who know and love us have been there over the years, giving invaluable support and encouragement. They provide us with the long-term view of what’s important and how we are growing though our experiences. These time traveling companions give us a point of reference and share the memories that keep our history alive.

Transparency. Probably the biggest change brought about by the information revolution is the new realization that we can now see where our money goes. We now have the opportunity to research the products and companies we patronize for their practices that affect our welfare, environment, and rights as a global community. Today, we can choose to do business with those we best resonate with. By using our money as our vote, we have an opportunity to improve the world.

There are many more benefits to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Let’s not just take them for granted. When we verbally acknowledge that which is most important to us, we tend to see more of it in our lives. Give it a try and see if it improves your attitude!

Well, if that hasn’t cheered you up, check out these two great videos:

  • From TED, this short video is on our favorite book of the year, “Abundance” by the editor of Popular Science
  • An oldie but goodie from the late, great Godfather of Soul, James Brown




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