It’s clear that the direct-to-consumer business got a big shot in the arm from the shelter-in-place orders that many of us are now living under.

Even though these restrictions are temporary, they have trained many new consumers to use online services to order their CPGs (consumer package goods) and have them delivered. This includes food, beverages, cosmetics, cleaning supplies and other packaged goods.

Many new on-line shoppers will never go back to physical shopping. Once they discover the convenience of home delivery, they will rely on it permanently.

What does that mean for CPG brand builders? Online consumers will tend to stick with the brands they know. They will not be as likely to stumble upon a new brand or make a notion or an impulse buy.

This means, the older, more established brands will get stronger as more and more shoppers go to “same-as-last-time” repeat ordering. Sure, there will be more paid pop-ups and paid side-bar advertising.

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