Your Customer Service Department is much more than Complaint Resolution


Ever since the beginning of Return Desks and 800 numbers, companies have become more directly accountable to their consumers for quality and value. Before their existence, customers would just buy another brand if they were dissatisfied. Today most companies have a department or person dedicated to “customer service”. Rather than merely a complaint center, see […]

5 Business Courtesies to Increase Your Credit

Five Business Courtesies that Pay

  The impression you and your company make on your buyers and business associates is what keeps them coming back – or not. Buyers don’t buy your product so much as they buy you! So, what do they think about you, your manners, and your values? How can you demonstrate through your everyday business dealings […]

Check out this great movie presented by the Barefoot Wine and Bubbly Team

Check out this great movie presented by the Barefoot Wine and Bubbly Team.  As the Founders of the Barefoot Wine brand, we forged a partnership with the Surfrider Association more than 15 years ago. Our new book, “The Barefoot Spirit”, chronicles the beginnings of the Barefoot Wine Brand and our commitment to worthy cause marketing with […]

7 Tips to Maximize Your Human Resources

7 Tips to Maximize Your Human Resources

Does your company regard its staff as a commodity, information as a currency, and operate on a need-to know basis? If so, you may be missing one of the primary advantages of Human Resources – good ideas.  Some of the best ideas can come from your own people. These include problem solving, creative approaches, and […]

Hire the Old Guy

The Inexperienced Often Agree on the Wrong Path

Does your company suffer from the “not invented here” syndrome? Many companies believe all the answers must originate from within. In fact, most good business principles have been in existence for a long time. Don’t waste valuable time and money expecting your people to come up with all the right answers. They can actually ignore […]

The Easiest Way to Lose your Customer

Right After you make the First Sale

If you think all you’re selling is a product, think again. In order to continue to do business with your new buyer, you must also sell a service. The demand for customer service increases significantly after the first sale is made. That’s when your customer sees if you stand behind your products, and how you […]

The 8 Principles of Successful Outsourcing

Outsource Everything but Quality, Sales and Customer Service

For the most part, there is usually no shortage of products. There is, however, a big shortage of Purchase Orders. Why tie up precious dollars in bricks and mortar when you really need to spend them on marketing and merchandising? It’s possible, and in many cases preferable, to outsource as much production and services as […]

Follow Up or Foul Up

10 Ways to Get Results

Today most people are so busy they shudder at anything new coming across their desks. If they can say no, get back to you later, or send you to someone else, they can get back to whatever they were doing before you “interrupted” them. Here are 10 ways to get results in an overworked and […]

Straight Up

The Fastest Way Out of the Box

When you look at the earth from space, or even your city from an airplane, you can’t help but think how relatively small we really are in the scheme of things. Imagine if your office chair was able to blast off slowly like rocket at Cape Canaveral. As you slowly ascend you see your business […]